An information gateway for the campus community

The Irwin M. and Laura J. Feuerstein Health & Wellness Information Center, located on the first floor of the Bernard Becker Medical Library, is a campus resource for the Washington University community. The center provides access to printed and electronic health information you can trust and promotes programs and campus events on wellness and healthy living to benefit our staff, students and faculty.

The Health & Wellness Information Portal is a gateway to some of the most credible and authoritative information resources as selected by the staff of Becker Medical Library and the Family Resource Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Health Information Resources

Looking for information on a condition, a disease, or a drug? Try starting with one of these  comprehensive and easy-to-use health information sources.

Wellness and Healthy Living Resources

Browse our list of resources, programs and upcoming events to help you get started in making healthy lifestyle decisions that are best for you.

Featured Topic:

Like the seasons change, so do our life circumstances. As the new season begins, we’re highlighting resources to help you cope with many of life’s big changes  
new jobs, marriage or divorce, retirement and more. Check out our list of online resources to get started.
You can also stop by the Feurstein Health & Wellness Information Center to see our selection of books available to check out. This month’s collection includes books on topics like relocating, divorce, retirement, children moving out, and more.