Becker Medical Library,  in partnership with the school of medicine’s educational programs,  is proud to announce a new funding opportunity for student and trainee-led health and wellness initiatives.  Students, post-docs, residents and fellows can now apply for modest grants through Becker Library’s Feuerstein Health and Wellness Information Center to help them actualize ideas for reducing stress, improving health, and promoting healthier lifestyles among their classmates and peers.  Examples might include, establishing a pantry program, purchasing CBT or relaxation apps, or sponsoring a recreational sport league. The first grant under this program was recently awarded for a project proposed by a first-year medical student in collaboration with student organizations – a mini-library within Becker centered on the experiences and history of different communities, available for the general student population to borrow, with the goal of providing avenues for students to pursue self-education on the experiences within the diverse student body as well as within the patient communities they will encounter throughout their careers. Approximately 40 books identified by the student groups, as well as a new shelving in Becker Library to prominently display them, were purchased.  We will add to this collection as new books are recommended.

For more information and to apply for funding, submit your idea through the application form.