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To fund as many initiatives as possible,  we ask that funding requests stay reasonable, preferably less than $1,000.  However, larger requests will be considered particularly if they will make a lasting impact across all trainees.

These micro-grants are meant to be flexible and accommodating to many types of initiatives, but should adhere to the following guidelines: 


  • A proposal should speak to the impact that it will have on the group(s) it is intending to benefit. 
  • Proposals should strive to be inclusive, benefitting a diverse cross-section of students, residents, or fellows, rather than just a division, class, or program.  
  • Proposals should describe how trainees will be made  broadly aware of the activity or program so that all may benefit. 
  • Proposals should not request funds to be used exclusively to pay for food or beverages; funds cannot be used to purchase alcoholic beverages. 
  • The primary mechanism for funding will be through reimbursement and receipts will be required. 
  • If the proposal is seeking to fund an initiative with several expenses, it should include a basic itemized budget for each anticipated expense. 
  • Funds should be spent within a year received. 

To help Becker Library raise awareness of the Feuerstein micro-grant program, we are requesting that funded programs and activities:

  • Acknowledge Becker Medical Library and the Feuerstein Health and Wellness Program as the sponsors.
  • Make available at the sponsored event promotional material provided by Becker Medical Library.
  • Provide Becker Medical Library with a basic summary of the activity including date(s) and location, number attending, general assessment of its impact, and pictures to be used by Becker Medical Library for marketing purposes. 

Grant applications are reviewed two times per year.  

Feuerstein Grants

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